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Elpress, Crimping tools, copper tube terminals, pre insulated, cable lugs

Product Groups
Aluminium Cable Cleats
Aluminium Cable Cleats - BICON
Aluminium Cable Cleats - Prysmian

Aluminium (Al) Cable Terminals
Aluminium (Al) Cable Terminals - Elpress

ATEX Cable Glands
ATEX Cable Glands - CCG
ATEX Cable Glands - BICON
ATEX Cable Glands - Prysmian

Bi-Metallic Cable Terminals
Bi-Metallic Cable Terminals - Elpress


Copper Braid - Etech
Steel Braid - Etech
Aluminium Braid - Etech

Builders Tools
Builders Tools - CK Tools
Builders Tools - Draper
Builders Tools - Spit Pulsa

Cable Blocks
Cable Blocks - Dutchclamp
Cable Blocks - BICON
Cable Blocks - Prysmian

Cable Cleats and Fixings
Cable Cleats and Fixings - Dutchclamp
Cable Cleats and Fixings - BICON
Cable Cleats and Fixings - Prysmian
Tidi Cable - Tidi Hooks
Tidi Cable - Tidi Hangers

Cable Glands
Cable Glands - CCG
Cable Glands - BICON
Cable Glands - Prysmian
Cable Glands - Budget

Cable Joints
Cable Joints - BICON
Cable Joints - Prysmian
Cable Joints - ISP
Cable Joints - Nexans

Cable Lugs
Cable Lugs - Elpress

Cable Marking Systems
Cable Marking Systems - Partex
Cable Marking Systems - Panduit

Cable Terminals
Cable Terminals - Elpress

Cable Ties
Cable Ties - Partex
Cable Ties - Panduit

Cable Transits
Cable Transits - Dutchclamp

Compounds & Resins
Compounds & Resins - BICON
Compounds & Resins - Prysmian
Compounds & Resins - ISP

Compression Tooling
Compression Tooling - Elpress
Crimping Tools - Elpress
Ratchet Cutting Tools - Elpress
Cable Cutting Tools - Elpress
Hydraulic Cable Cutters - Elpress
Hydraulic Crimping Tools - Elpress
Hydraulic Crimp Tool - Elpress

Construction Tools
Construction Tools - CK Tools
Construction Tools - Draper
Construction Tools - Spit Pulsa

Copper Tube (Cu) Lugs
Copper Tube (Cu) Lugs - Elpress

Copper Tube (Cu) Terminals
Copper Tube (Cu) Terminals - Elpress

Deep Earthing System
Deep Earthing System - Elpress

Earthing Products

Earthing Products - Elpress
Earthing Products - Erico
Earthing Products - Furse
Earthing Products - Kingsmill

Electrical Tools
Electrical Tools - CK Tools
Electrical Tools - Knipex

Electrical Test Equipment
Electrical Test Equipment - Socket&See
Electrical Test Equipment - CK Tools
Electrical Test Equipment - Draper

Electricians Tools
Electricians Tools - CK Tools
Electricians Tools - Knipex

End Sleeves
End Sleeves - Elpress

Flameproof Cable Glands
Flameproof Cable Glands - CCG
Flameproof Cable Glands - BICON
Flameproof Cable Glands - Prysmian

Halogen Free LSOH Terminals
Halogen Free LSOH Terminals - Elpress

Hand Tools
Hand Tools - CK Tools
Hand Tools - Draper
Hand Tools - Irazola
Hand Tools - Spit Pulsa

Hazardous Area Cable Glands
Hazardous Area Cable Glands - CCG
Hazardous Area Cable Glands - BICON
Hazardous Area Cable Glands - Prysmian
Indoor Cable Glands
Indoor Cable Glands - CCG
Indoor Cable Glands - BICON
Indoor Cable Glands - Prysmian

Industrial Cable Glands
Industrial Cable Glands - CCG
Industrial Cable Glands - BICON
Industrial Cable Glands - Prysmian

Lightning Protection
Lightning Protection - Elpress
Lightning Protection - Erico
Lightning Protection - Furse
Lightning Protection - Kingsmill

Low Voltage (LV) Cable
Low Voltage (LV) Cable - Prysmian

Low Voltage (LV) Cable Joints
Low Voltage (LV) Cable Joints - BICON
Low Voltage (LV) Cable Joints - Prysmian
Low Voltage (LV) Cable Joints - ISP
Low Voltage (LV) Cable Joints - Nexans

Insulated Terminals
Insulated Terminals - Elpress

Medium Voltage (MV) Cable
Medium Voltage (MV) Cable - Prysmian

Medium Voltage (MV) Cable Joints
Medium Voltage (MV) Cable Joints - BICON
Medium Voltage (MV) Cable Joints - Prysmian
Medium Voltage (MV) Cable Joints - ISP
Medium Voltage (MV) Cable Joints - Nexans

Nail Guns & Accessories
Nail Guns & Accessories - Spit Pulsa

Non-Magnetic Cable Cleats/Clamps/Blocks
Non-Magnetic Cable Cleats/Clamps/Blocks - Dutchclamp

Non-Metallic Cable Cleats/Clamps/Blocks
Non-Metallic Cable Cleats/Clamps/Blocks - Dutchclamp

Outdoor Cable Glands
Outdoor Cable Glands - CCG
Outdoor Cable Glands - BICON
Outdoor Cable Glands - Prysmian

Overhead Line Connectors
Overhead Line Connectors - Elpress

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - CK Tools
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Draper

Power Tool Accessories
Power Tool Accessories - CK Tools
Power Tool Accessories - Draper

Pre-Insulated Lugs
Pre-Insulated Lugs - Elpress

Pre-Insulated Terminals
Pre-Insulated Terminals - Elpress

Railway - Erico

Screwdrivers - CK Tools
Screwdrivers - Irazola

Separable Connectors
Separable Connectors - Nexans
Separable Connectors - Euromold
Separable Connectors - Elastimold

Terminal Blocks
Terminal Blocks - Elpress

Tool Hire and Repair
E-Tech offer a full repair and calibration service for all mechanical and hydraulic tools.

We also have a full range of tooling available for hire covering all sizes in both copper and aluminium up to 1200mm2.

For further information please contact us:
e: Contact Us
t: +44 (0)1744 762 929

Trefoil Cable Cleats
Trefoil Cable Cleats - Dutchclamp
Trefoil Cable Cleats - BICON
Trefoil Cable Cleats - Prysmian

Two Bolt Single Way Cleats
Two Bolt Single Way Cleats - Dutchclamp
Two Bolt Single Way Cleats - BICON
Two Bolt Single Way Cleats - Prysmian

UL Listed Cable Lugs
UL Listed Cable Lugs - Elpress

UL Listed Cable Terminals
UL Listed Cable Terminals - Elpress

UL Listed Copper Tube (Cu) Terminals
UL Listed Copper Tube (Cu) Terminals - Elpress

UL Listed Copper Tube (Cu) Lugs
UL Listed Copper Tube (Cu) Lugs - Elpress

UL Listed Halogen Free LSOH Terminals
UL Listed Halogen Free LSOH Terminals - Elpress

Un-Insulated Terminals
Un-Insulated Terminals - Elpress

VDE Hand Tools

VDE Hand Tools - CK Tools
VDE Hand Tools - Knipex

VDE Screwdrivers
VDE Screwdrivers - CK Tools

VDE Screwdrivers - Irazola

Workwear - CK Tools
Workwear - Draper