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The demand and interest for the new SACS Tool with major contractors, engineers and electricians has been outstanding. We are visiting sites, and health and safety officers daily demonstrating the benefits of the tools. With most sites banning blades they have never had anything to replace them with.... UNTIL NOW!!

As the demand grows from the end users, we are looking for wholesalers and distributors throughout the UK to support the product by stocking, supplying and promoting the product. To support customers who are promoting the products we are offering special Nett prices for bulk orders. The tools can be personalised with your own company details inside the kits and can also be manufactured in a colour of your choice. Our distributors are below:

Steel Armoured Cable Stripper - SACS Tool by DiMart

FAQ - SACS Tool Frequently Asked Questions

SACS Tool SWA Cable Stripping Tool
Q: Can the tool be used by either hand?

Yes it can be used by left and right handed tradespeople.

Q: What size cables can the SACS tool cable stripper act on?

The tool works on cables with diameters from 12mm(3 core 2.5mm) upto 35mm (3core 70mm)

Q: Can it strip the second layer of insulation?

Yes, but as with a sharp knife extra care needs to be taken.

Q: How many operations can the blade perform?

The suppliers of the blade estimate that 300 operations should be possible.

Q: Can the SACS tool cable stripper be used to strip other cables?

The tool has been used to strip YY cable with some care.

Q: How do I maintain the tool?

Occasional cleaning and oiling are advised. Check and tighten all pins/screws.

Q: What skill level do you need to be able to use it?

It is easily learnt and far simpler than traditional methods of Hacksaw and knife. Repeated use will improve user results.

Q: How does the SACS tool cable stripper improve on other products?

The SACS tool is the only product that can act on both insulation and steel strands and cut in both directions.

Q: How do you stop the strands "hooking" when breaking off at cut point?

Insufficient cut depth and / or poor quality cable lead to this effect. The outer sheaf on some cables allow the strands to flex which causes the "hook". Apply finger tip pressure at snap point to reduce.


Download the SACS Tool datasheet: